50 million (reasons to go)

China stands at a rare place in its history at the forefront of modernity, but with one foot in the past.  China has come a long way in recent decades to become one of the world's key economic and political engines. But, with all that said, there still exists a vast rift between it's have's and have-not's. UNICEF estimates that there are over 50 million orphaned children in China.  

Visiting Orphans works with government run Social Welfare Institutes (SWI) to bring love and assistance to some of those 20 million children without families. Since 2005 we have sent over 30 teams from the US to visit these SWI's. Although the SWI's do all that they can to provide the best life for the children living there, assistance and help is still needed. Our missions teams don't go in with an agenda, they go in to serve and to love. Oftentimes on our trips all you will do for hours on end is hold infants who need the love and attention they deserve or play hide-n-go-seek with a group of six year old boys.  It will truly be a life-changing and unforgettable experience.