100 Thousand (reasons to go)

Ukraine has over 100 thousand orphans. Only ten percent of these orphans are due to the death of a parent. The other ninety percent are social orphans resulting from alcoholism, abandonment or imprisonment of their parents.  Most orphans in Ukraine grow up in government run orphanages which number in more than 200 orphans per home.  The rest of the statistics for orphans in Ukraine are pretty depressing as well...

This is why Visiting Orphans is partnering with Touched By Grace to visit orphans in Ukraine. Our teams will be visiting a Touched By Grace orphanage by the name of Babynest.

By joining a Visiting Orphans Ukraine trip, you will have the chance to minister to some of these children in a very humble and powerful way by simply going to the orphanages where they live and offering a helping hand. We’d love to have you join us!